Distance Selling Agreement


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Mimi Agricultural Products Trade Ltd. Ltd. By placing your order from (Mimi Farm), you are deemed to have accepted the following conditions.


1. To place an order, you must register to our system by phone or via the mimiciftligi.com website. Your personal information is collected and stored only for service purposes and is not shared with third parties.

2. You will receive email for confirmation when you place an order. When this e-mail arrives, you will be notified of your order, delivery date and

It is your responsibility to check your address and billing address if different. If you do not receive a confirmation email , it is your responsibility to call Mimi Farm and confirm the order.

3. Our prices may change without notice. No additional payment is required for orders that have been paid.

4. You can make your payments by credit card or money transfer. When you sign up for Mimi Farm, the total amount of your order will be charged before your order is put into production. If the fee cannot be collected within this period, is incompletely collected, or is paid with a method other than the current payment method, Mimi Farm has the right to cancel or change the order.

5. If your delivery and billing addresses are different, please notify them in the system when ordering. Your packages are delivered to you with an invoice.


1. Your orders are delivered by cargo. Delivery time is 3 business days within the borders of Istanbul and 4-5 business days in other regions.

2. Orders placed on holidays such as public holidays are deemed to be received on the first official working day following the end of the holiday.

3. Product delivery is delivered to the address specified in your order.

4. When placing your order, please do not forget to write your complete address and telephone information.

5. Open and check the packages you think were damaged during delivery in front of the authorized person from whom you received them . If there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by making a report to the authorized person. Please note that after receiving the product, you accept that the authorized person has fully fulfilled his duty .

5. If the cargo employee who brought your package to the address you provided on the day you selected cannot reach you or the person you notified to deliver your package, your package will be brought back to the relevant cargo branch. From there he returns to Mimi Farm. Packages not received are not the responsibility of Mimi Farm. You must pick it up yourself from the cargo branch.

6. The products you purchased are in the category of products for which the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised. It is not possible to return products that are in danger of rapid deterioration or that may expire, in accordance with the Regulation.


1. Products are produced specifically for you. If you write to info@mimiftligi.com with your order number to postpone or cancel your order, you can postpone or cancel your order if the products you purchased have not been put into production. If your order is in the production phase, no refund will be given in case of cancellation of your order. You must use your postponed orders within 1 month .

2. If you send us your requests regarding your orders via e-mail, if you do not receive a written response from us within 1 hour, it means that your e-mail may not have been received due to technical difficulties. In such cases, you must contact us by phone and submit your request. Mimi Farm is not responsible for the failure to fulfill your requests that we do not receive due to technical reasons.

3. Mimi Farm notifies you of all arrangements made via e-mail. Transactions for which confirmation information has not been received are your responsibility. After the arrangements made in the system are sent to you via e-mail, it is your responsibility to check this e-mail and request corrections if there is an error .