about us

Mimi Farm was founded in 2015 by Nesrin Demirer as an urban farm in Beyoğlu. It took its name from the Hacı Mimi neighborhood, which we know as Tophane. Microgreen seeds, which started to sprout in a tiny shop of only 40 m2, began to spread from there to the most prestigious restaurants in Istanbul. Although the magical world of urban agriculture and microgreens satisfied the entrepreneur, there was still something missing: edible flowers. The entrepreneur, who has a great desire to introduce edible flowers to Turkey, returned empty-handed but with a bigger project in mind from his visit to the Netherlands to import edible flowers before the 2016 New Year's season.

Two Dutch businessmen, impressed by the potential of modern Turkey and the passionate goals of the young female entrepreneur, convinced their wives and daughters to get involved in this project. In this way, an investment fund named SE Ventures was created by two women in the Netherlands to support Mimi and small female entrepreneurs in other developing countries.

Mimi Farm, which was supported by the SE Ventures partnership, left its small shop in 2017 and started producing in a 5,000 m2 abandoned greenhouse in Silivri. It didn't take long to cultivate this abandoned dry land and cover it with all kinds of colorful flowers. With the efforts of the strong women of Silivri who are in love with the soil, flowers and their colorful world, it managed to become Turkey's first boutique restaurant greenhouse in a short time. Mimi Farm, which includes dozens of plant varieties used in modern world cuisines and which were not possible to obtain in our country at that time, has also created a rich product range that is unique by taking our forgotten local plants from their wild environments and propagating them.

Mimi Farm, which has introduced countless culinary enthusiasts to the colorful world of edible plants and added great value to Turkish cuisine, continues to serve its culinary friends with the same passion and by renewing and enriching its product range day by day.